Ed Schroeder is offering a basic digital Photography/ Photoshop Workshop consisting of two modules and containing the following:

Module 1 ( Photography)

1.1 Getting to know your digital camera. ( Are you underutilising your camera?)

1.2 Exposure

1.3 Shutter speed

1.4 Aperture

1.5 ISO

1.6 The relationship between shutter speed , aperture and iso.

1.7 Depth of field including f stop and depth of field and focal length and depth of field

1.8 Composition

1.9 Light

1.10 Exposure modes, Av,Tv, P, M, creative modes

This module includes a photo shoot  of approximately one hour on Garlington Estate at the conclusion of the theory section of the workshop.


Module 2 ( Photoshop Elements)

2.1 Organising and storing your files

2.2 Levels

2.3 Cropping

2.4 Colour

2.5 Sharpening

2.6 Layers

2.7 Hand tool

2.8 Lasso tool

2.9 Quick selection tool

2.10 Straightening tool

2.11 Clone stamp tool

2.12 Brush Tool




NB. Please note that the workshops are offered on an individual one on one basis, or in groups not exceeding 5 participants.

1.Participants may choose to do either module one or module two or both. It is not imperative to do module one before module two.

2.Module one will take slightly longer than module two to accommodate the practical photo shoot session.

3. Each module will take approximately one day.

4. All participants must have a laptop and Photoshop Elements for module two.

5. The workshops will take place at my home on Garlington Estate Hilton.

6. Module two for the group workshop will have an experienced Mac Book and Windows specialist to assist participants.

7. Please note that detailed notes will be provided for both modules before the workshop commences.

8. Tea and lunch will be provided and are included in the cost.


R950 per module for individual workshop. R800 per person per module for group workshop.


To secure a booking for either the one on one workshop or the group workshop, please phone Ed Schroeder on 0721482458 or email him at

A deposit of 50% of the workshop fee is payable once you have made your booking.


1. One on one: As per arrangement

2. Group workshop : As per arrangement.